Thursday, November 1, 2012

Life is real

One evening after strolling in the mall, I was at the bus stop waiting to catch a ride back to campus.  As I waited I saw not too far away in the dimness of the evening, a man with a handicapped right leg, pushing a trolley filled with an assortment of things ranging from a broken desk lamp to metal hangers and a torn suitcase.   The casual wind brought on an unnerving stench that undoubtedly came from the man, whom on him was a damp brownish jacket and a baggy long pants ripped all over the leggings.

As he approached the bus stop his trolley slipped over the curb and some of his things fell to the road.  He gave a loud grunt, cursed and started to pick his things up.  Amongst the cursing he also talked to Jesus, in a way somewhat quite unexpected.  He said to Jesus, “Oh Jesus you know how to f*ck me, you really f*cked me well.  What a f*cked life I have!”

As I listened to his cursing, I froze.  Here I am, a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, of His unconditional love and grace for every living person on Earth, through Him where life in abundance and freedom from sin, bondage and sorrow is found, and I froze.   I thought to myself in that 2 minutes I had while waiting for my ride back, what am I supposed to do?  How am I supposed to help this man, as a Christian and as a person?

Was I angry at what he said about Jesus?  Oh no, definitely not.  Rather it was the sudden wave of sadness firstly at how much hurdle life has thrown at him to bring him to this state, and secondly at my own inaction and lack of courage to take the next bus and share the hope I have in Christ with him, the Joy he can have and the freedom he can claim in the name of Jesus.

I got on the bus after 2 minutes, glancing back at him through the window and all I could really do as I sat down was to pray for him.

Was my prayer void?  Was it a weak and pathetic make-up to what I should have done?  I don’t know.  But I know that God hears and sees the heart of those who seek Him.

That man’s life was just as real as my life, there is nothing fake about it whatsoever.  People go through stuff, real stuff, and sometimes you will be amazed at how much we actually don’t know.  We assume too much and care too less.  We just need to open our eyes more often, take a look at our surroundings, and take notice of it.  I pray the next time I see that man I will buck up some courage and strike a short conversation with him for starters, and say one or two encouraging phrases of truth.

"Do not judge the person to your left and your right. Sometimes life throws a quite a hurdle and they are just doing the best they can."


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