Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Next Chapter

"Look forward, for there lies your Adventure" 

A new chapter begins.  After spending eight months at my beloved home, I am finally ready about to return to Christchurch to pursue my PhD.

Eight months.  Overall, plenty of regrets, however balanced with plenty of no-regrets.  During those busy times scampering through my undergraduate studies, I wanted to do many things, many non-academic things that is.  The obvious excuse for not being able to do them is of course my studies.  Ironically, when the time came when time is plenty and bountiful, the longing to do them was never as strong as then.  Funny things we humans are.  Thus the regrets, mainly for not efficiently utilizing my never to come again long holiday.

Major no-regrets:

1) Agape Easter Musical - conducted the choir
2) Agape Choir
3) Agape Music Ministry
4) Seremban Young Adult Cell group
5) Helping out in church office and church related stuff
6) Hiking trips
7) Reading - Harry Potter Series in just 3 weeks, and The Hobbit in time for the movie end of this year
8) Television. Finished watching LOST - a GREAT series!  Re-watched Star Trek Voyager.  Watched Star Trek The Next Generation, halfway through Star Trek Deep Space Nine.  Watched plenty of interesting documentaries.
9) Practice piano - finally can play Chopin Ballade in G minor with more ease and confidence
10) NZ graduation trip and meeting ups with friends

Major regrets:

1) Didn't attend Wednesday prayer meetings at church
2) Didn't attend Agape Chinese service
3) Didn't join the youth meetings - could have been a good mentor to the youths - secondary school and college students.
4) Didn't get a part time job - wanted to be a substitute teacher but somehow didn't work out.
5) Didn't read as much as I wanted to.  There are many books I wanted to read but somehow just couldn't focus.  I'm a bad reader.
6) Didn't to go Kuantan :(.  No 'luck'.
7) Didn't read up much on my PhD project... :s (should have, but somehow didn't want to do anything academic...).
8) Didn't finish up my gardening project.
9) Didn't work out more.

I'm sure there should be more items on the major regrets list.  But putting them on is just going to make me feel worse than I already am.

Hope this PhD is not going to kill me...


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mfwrachel said...

Next time come back, we go Chinese service together. :) This cannot proxy..