Friday, March 23, 2012



In the midst of dusting off the inch-thick dust that had settled on this blog after some noticable neglect, I found myself pouring over my own blog posts from years ago, amazed at the wealth of experiences I had penned down into words. From 2007 before beginning my journey to New Zealand, up to now after I have completed my undergraduate studies, the amount of life stories on this blog needless to say is mind-opening for me, at least, despite them originating from my own life. The number of posts have been dwindling, suffice to say, due to the popularity and present-focused-easy-to-update-and-maintain feature of Facebook! Oh well, however lovely Facebook is, a blog has its own magic of presenting to readers the heart of a blogger's life experiences, and the principles that can be learned from them. Knowing this I hope I will be able to at least maintain this blog to bring forward experiential highlights of my life's journey.

Every life is a story, and from my story so far I learn that every life goes through good and difficult times, and everyone needs compassion and love, hope and grace, mercy and forgiveness, encouragement and motivation, friendship and trust, passion and desire, comfort and consolation, joy and belonging. Not one life is not in need of these things, and if only we can understand that, we realise that we are not so different after all to those around us. We experience life together, and we are under life's own set of rules, so therefore do not come so quickly to judge a person, but understand first the common need of humanity.

"Everyone needs compassion, love that is never failing, let mercy fall on me; Everyone needs forgiveness, the kindness of a Saviour, the Hope of nations." -- Might to Save, Hillsong.


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mfwrachel said...

Yes.. should keep blogging. You can write a lot more in blog than in FB.. :)