Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A life fulfilled

A life fulfilled
comes easily not
if life is greed
a brimming gold pot
Neither is life
satisfied with joy
when Sir Tall Poppy
rule without coy

When it comes
to life and living
People so much matter
in them place our sowing
Oh, the times of banter
with friends and family
and of sorrowful tears
with arms on shoulders
We grow and learn
much more from these
About life's cistern
of old forgotten magic

Cast love, the everlasting spell
and witness moments historic
of imperious curses fell
Oh, the joy of living a life
fulfilled, and the free gift to all
to forever dwell



Lester John said...

Heya! I had fun browing your blog :)))

Anyway, I took time to also browse your profile. Something caught my attention. What is, errr, erotic mathematics? I haven't heard of it. LOL

cal said...

Hi Lester John,

Haha! Oh, it means nothing in particular, just loved mathematics when I was studying it all through school, college and university. =D I guess the experience is grossly exaggerated as erotic.

My profile needs major updating, have been abandoning my blog for quite a while, number of posts have been dwindling.