Thursday, September 29, 2011

I, me, and myself no more

People are often too unhappy and dissatisfied because of their own selfish nature. For them it is always about I, me, and myself.

If only people can stop asking questions like, "Why I do not have this?" "Why can't I be like him/her?" "Why am I so poor?" "Why I...this that?" "Why me...?", and have a change of heart and mind, and know that God's grace is always sufficient for us! What awesome JOY will we experience as God's children to know that in all things, good and bad, easy and difficult, He is always looking out for us, working for our good! Oh friends, it is never about us anyway but always about Him!

The JOY of the LORD is my strength, how true is that when we turn our eyes upon Jesus, away from ourselves and our circumstances, and be assured that God is in control of all things!

Live life full of His JOY! There is nothing in this earthly world that can come near to offer you this JOY!




tating74 said...

nice blog; so true. that's the kind of mentality people ought to have.

reta said...

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