Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday wishes

It was my 23rd birthday yesterday (15/05/2011), and I was somehow given a privilege to make three wishes. The first one on Friday night, the second on Saturday night, and the third one on Sunday, the birthday night itself.

Despite the rumour that I used up all three wishes for 1) Big bulky biceps, 2) Muscular chest and 3) juicy six-pack abs, which is not entirely true (or false - you can argue either way...), the truth is I couldn't think of anything to wish for. I already have so much that many don't, and somehow and somewhere in my being, asking for more doesn't do my conscience any good. But still, the Bible says, 'ask and you shall receive', or 'you do not have, because you do not ask', or the verse about asking, seeking and knocking, and many more. Thus, what went through my mind and heart in the end during those wishing moments, is in one point of view a very selfish wish, but in another perspective, the best thing I could ever wish for.

"All I desire is You, LORD". Because "there is no higher calling, no greater honour than to bow and kneel before Your throne"

The prayer of Jabez: "Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil" 2 Chronicles 4:9-10.

The selfish part is thinking in this manner: With God, my cup will always be full and overflowing. His Joy is my strength through thick and thin. His everlasting love inspires me to go the distance. I can rest assure that my whole future is in His hands. I do not need to worry at all about money and wealth, because God's grace is more than enough for me. etc.

The 'best thing I could ever wish for part' is simply knowing with conviction and humility that without God I am nothing. Take God away from all the above, and you will see that without God I am really nothing.

This song by Richard Gomez goes:

"O Lord, my God,

All I desire is You.

More precious than silver,

more costly than gold.

No riches of the earth compares to You.

What can this world offer when all I desire is You?"

You see friends, when God blesses, he blesses you with the best. And by 'best' I mean literally the BEST. People usually do not understand and know what actually is the BEST for their lifes, but God does, and believe me you will not be dissapointed! =D



Darryl said...

I miss you calvin! Suchan inspiring post, love how you present your thoughts.. Sigh, I wished I could see God the way you see Him, feel the way you feel Him and love the way you love Him.

cal said...

I miss u heaps too =D

Dun say that...U know God in your own personal way, and God knows u deep too. =D Really hope to see u again soon...

Luisa said...

Excuse me but i don't speak english very well. So i was surf on the internet and found you... i would like give to you a gift this song is very beautiful and the video as well.
I hope you enjoy. GOd bless you

Yong said...

hey there nice blog!

in the meantime,

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